Meri Priya Kahaniyaan


Book by Women activist, Shivani narrates how thankless the society has become by overlooking the needs and requirements of a domestic woman. Meri Priya Kahaniyaan is an assortment of chosen short stories by the writer who makes a point by portraying women as the fire brigade in the society who also has the potential to shower love in the most pious manner. As most of her stories revolve around women, her books sell like hot cakes among them. Through this book like her other books, the author wants the readers to realize the position of women in the Indian society. All the characters in the included stories showcase different attributes of Indian women, how do they think, what are the major problems they face, how do they find solution to those problems and how some succumb into those problems further. Thus the book is an open account of the emotional surcharge women in our society go through, whether it be their unbearable plight or excessive happiness. Through the medium of this book, the author has so many attributes of a women that it is hard to find in any other literary work. The book does not only entertain the readers with its humor but also make them think about how the old patriarchal society has affected women in such a disgraceful sense. It is the account of the fact that how the idea of their individuality is eroded and denuded into bits and pieces by the patriarchs to keep their interests alive and dismiss those of the women.The writer has been acclaimed in past for her earlier work and this book definitely will be a great read for the readers and they will have a great time going through it. Pubished by Rajpal Publications, Meri Priya Kahaniyaan carries a binding in paperback model with one hundred and twenty eight pages of female struggle and her power expressed through words The book is available on ISBN 10: 9350641062 and ISBN 13: 9789350641064.

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